Courses History


Berntine is the oldest Arctic Sea vessel in the world and was sailing under the Norwegian kingdom archivist says a conservation site. Berntine was built in 1890 primarily as a fishing vessel in Tromso.

In 1905, Vardo home port and it was

his first auxiliary motor in 1913. Then it sat

his catch in harsh environments continue.

In 1920 it went into cargo carriers along the Norwegian

Coast over.

In 1946 the Arctic Ocean-rigging dismantled and the

Converted to ship motor yacht. It was in the name of

"Havnöy" renamed.

In 1978 it came to Tonsberg. It became the      

Rebuilt Galeas and as a training ship in co-

connection with use of alternative youth work.

In 2008, the Foundation established Berntine and "The

Folehuks friends "and" Login coast club were "

the new owner.

The ship got its old name: "Berntine".


79 gross tons



71.5 feet;  


Sail area:  

212 square meters

Foto: Jorgen Kirsebom