Brief History

Berntine is the oldest arctic ship still sailing.  

She has been declared worthy of preservation by the
Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Berntine was built in
Tromsø in 1890 primarily as a fishing vessel.
In 1905, she ended up in Vardø and received her first
auxiliary engine in 1913. She went hunting in harsh  

In 1920, she converted to shipping traffic along the Nor-
wegian coast.

In 1946 the artic rigging was taken down and the ship was
converted into motor coaster. The ship was renamed

In 1978, she was taken to Tønsberg. Here, she was    
converted into hermaphrodite brig and used as a school
ship in alternative youth work.

In 2008, the Berntine foundation was established.

Fulehuks venner (Friends of Fulehuk lighthouse)
and Loggen kystlag (the local association for coastal
culture preservation) took joint ownership of the ship
and gave her back her original name of "Berntine".  
79 GRT
Sail area:
212 m2

Photo: Jorgen Kirsebom